Hampton 70: A Celebration of Col Bruce Hampton Gallery

This gallery has been created as a celebration of all things Col. Bruce Hampton. I wanted to leave a bunch of words to express who this Col Bruce Hampton character was to all of us, but words can't even begin to describe complex layers that make up this extra-terrestrial. He was something different to all of us. To try and sum everything up with words is nearly an impossible task. I do know that the energy that Gustov was able to tap into, harness, and completely understand, is the same energy that makes up every last thing in this universe. He was otherworldly and truly understood and taught ultimate transcendence. Col Bruce.....I present this to you first and foremost, out of respect for what you have taught me and many others in life. Secondly, I present this to each and every person, past present & future, whose life has forever been changed for the better because of this man's energy. Lastly, I present this to the Hampton Family, Matthew Wilson, Steve Lopez, Kit Blanchard, & Duane Trucks. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS CELEBRATION OF LIFE FOR ALL TO WITNESS! It was the most poetic send off that anyone could have ever wished for themselves. For that.....WE ALL LOVE YOU! 

It is my honor to present my memory of the evening, and a brief look into moments past I've experienced with Bruce.

With the deepest respect and honor,
Joshua Timmermans

GALLERY NOTE:  Bruce would have wanted you all to smile and relish in the joy of the evening when you look through these images. Therefore, please take the time to view this gallery in a method he would have loved. You can click on the PLAY/SLIDESHOW Arrow option when you view the gallery, or you can scroll through the images in the browser. Please do take some time to listen to the actual audio from the show that night, courtesy of Curtis George over at Panicstream.  It was pure music magic and the energy was unlike anything I've ever witnessed in my professional career.

AUDIO RECORDING/STREAM LINK: Hampton 70: A Celebration of Col Bruce Audio Recording Stream Link courtesy of Panic Stream

I would also like to take a moment to thank my friend, and fellow photographer, Ian Rawn for lending me a lens that I needed for the evening. Many of the images in this gallery were captured with that lens. They would not exist without his generous lending of the glass! Thank you Ian! 

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